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ukraine heart flag.heic
ukraine heart flag.heic
ukraine heart flag.heic
ukraine heart flag.heic
ukraine heart flag.heic
ukraine heart flag.heic

I'm deeply sadden by the brutal invasion of Ukraine. I created this pin design as a way to show that our hearts are with the people of Ukraine and to help raise funds for a very good organization. The pins are $10 with a portion of each going to UNICEF for their efforts in Ukraine. Thank you for your continued empathy, please support peace and democracy no matter where you are and keep the people of Ukraine in your heart & mind.

In Northern New Hampshire you can find the Ukraine Heart pins in Littleton, NH at The Little Village Toy and Book Shop or in Bethlehem at WREN.

I'm happy to mail pins out to you. I accept PayPal. Please send me a message through the contact form and I'll let you know the postage based on the number of pins you request and your zip code. Thank you!

The Ukraine Heart & Flag Pins for UNICEF 

The precise nature of laser engraving enables the creation of incredibly detailed items that would otherwise be nearly impossible.

The extraordinary smoothness and beauty of laser engraving lends itself perfectly to creating keepsakes and commemorative items and awards. Laser engraved items can be simply a marvel to look at due to the remarkable precision that can be achieved by a highly concentrated beam of light less than the width of a human hair!

A variety of materials such as wood, MDF, cork, leather, paper, cloth, and acrylic are well suited for engraving or cutting with a laser. Other materials such as glass and metal can be etched but not cut.

About Laser Engraving


Laser cutting and engraving lends itself to endless possibilities.

I love creating custom pieces for my customers!

What can I make for you?


Awards, hostess gifts, cake toppers,ornaments,

signage, or fundraising items.

Make a pin, a magnet,

a night light, bar light, or holiday ornaments!

The sky's the limit!


Looking for a gift that let's someone know that you're really thinking about them? People LOVE seeing their name engraved. I'm happy to discuss options!

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